Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Preparation in Makkah for influx of pilgrims

Looks like there has been an enormous amount of preparation going on in Makkah for the large number of visitors expected during the holy month of Ramadan:

Makkah city braces for huge influx of pilgrims
Badea Abu Al-Naja , Arab News

MAKKAH: Municipal authorities have made all arrangements for the huge influx of pilgrims and visitors to holy city during Ramadan, Mayor of Makkah Osama Al-Bar announced yesterday.

He said the municipality has formulated a comprehensive plan for its work during the fasting month, including the intensification of the activities of the municipality’s branches, particularly in connection with cleanliness, environment observation and close monitoring the markets to check prices[...]

I wonder how it will be this year in the Haram area since I hear there is a lot of demolishing and extending going on... I wonder if chaos can be avoided.

Huge numbers of people flock to Makkah during Ramadan, particularly during the last 10 days since it was said by the Prophet Muhammad ( صلى الله عليه و سلم ) that the reward for an Umra performed during Ramadan is the same as the reward for a Hajj (although Hajj is still incumbent on those who perform Umra during Ramadan).

The Prophet said, "Perform 'Umra in the month ofRamadan, (as it is equivalent to Hajj or Hajj with me (in reward)." (Bukhari, Volume 3, Book 29,
Number 86)


Najeeba said...

Good to hear about the expansion of Haram. But it effected badly o us. When we applied for an umra visa, we were told that the quota for umra visa has been decreased due to the expansion, and so we didn't get the visa. :(
Insha Alla, we plan to try for it next year.

tee dimensionist said...

Salaam Alaikum!

I got here through coolreds blog and glad I did! : ) Is your exercise thingy whatever you called it out in the living room yet? Get it out!
And get on it for just 10 minutes. In a week, make that 12 or 15 minutes and in no time (depending on how much time you have) you'll easily be doing 30-45 minutes of exercise every beautiful day!

I know, somehow it seems like a dream, but trust me I was there, and sort of like still am, but I try every day just for the fun of it and I'll get some sort of reward here and there, more stamina, better health, good lookin bod, you get the pic : )

So yea, get it out and give it a try, you have nottthinnnggg to lose!

All the best to ya!


Umm Ibrahim said...


That's shame Najeeba... :( ... insha'Allah you are able to go next year.

Tee Dimensionist... Yikes! I am being hounded, LOL! *Gulp* Erm... not yet but I did go shopping all day yesterday; that's exercise :)

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Umm Ibrahim said...

Ghazala Khan... I meant to do this a long time ago but with my holiday, it was completely forgotten about! Will try to find time.