Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Algeria here we come!

So far, most of my blog posts have been about Saudi Arabia and more specifically, Riyadh.

However, from next week if all goes well with my internet connection I shall blogging from Algeria! I will be visiting my husband's home country for an extended stay; it will be my longest stay yet which I am very excited about yet at the same time quite nervous.

So, from today it will be goodbye Saudi Arabia and I look forward to blogging about my experiences in Algeria and sharing some photographs.


Unknown said...

I am eagerly waiting to hear about all the adventures in Algeria insha'Allah. Juts a quick question - where have all your links gone? Please bring them back!

Umm Ibrahim said...


Sarah? Which Sarah?! My Creme Egg supplier? LOL :D Have you started a blog??

As for my links... they're all there still! Maybe your pc didn't load the full page...

youngMuslimah said...

have a safe trip! and make du'a for all of us, remember a traveler's prayers are accepted.

Adventurous Ammena said...

ooh.. cant wait to hear about your adventures over there insha'allah :D and see the pics.. remember, I am seeing algeria through your eyes, so show me EVERYTHING!!! take care, catch u soon if u aint too busy. fi amenallah

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

has the trip to DZ come around so soon subhan allah, allah make it easy and safe for you sister, sorry i will miss you yet again but hugs to the sisters when you see em. takecare hugs.

seekingtaqwa said...

May allah make the trip and the stay a safe and beneficial one... we want lots of feedback about how it's going and LOADS of pics,

Jayne said...

Have a good trip hon & may the experience of Algeria be memorable for all the right reasons :-) Take heaps of photos & a notepad to write down all the 'little things' that will undoubtably be so new!
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Me too...can't wait for the dz adventures, photos and all the rest.
Remember us in you du'as. Take care, Ines.

Anonymous said...


Ooh masha'Allah.
We're at the airport, found wireless internet.
Mum says thanks to all xx

-Maryam =]

Anonymous said...

I think...Algeria is one of the quieter improving countries...of the region...hope you have a good time and find the "HOME"...where you live...

Anonymous said...

As salaamu alaykum, I look forward to your post from Algeria.

Question: How big is Riyadh? I ask because I have a Saudi friend whom I mat 5 years ago here in the US (her husband was over here obtaining his degree)and he now teaches at the Imam University. Her name is Badriyyah al Kourshemi, and she lives on the just wondering.

Fruitful Fusion said...

Assalaamu Alaykum,

Alhamdulillah you got there safe and sound. Looking forwared to hearing all about it! Something I just thought of, are you going to drive there??? ;)

Take care sis and have a nice time.

love for Allah said...

as salaam alakium we will miss you loads sis mashAllah quite the adventurer you are . you are absolutely right my blog is way boring compared to yours mashAllah you are gonna have to tell me how to jazz up my page . mashAllah

Hamid said...

salaman salama...

Aah....The lines of ur blogger head has really touched my heart core...hmm its rather a hadith of our beloved prophet(saw) is too short and so is Im..journey is too long and so is my hope.

The Muslim Wife's Kitchen said...

May Allah grant you ease and safety on your travels, ameen! We're all eagerly awaiting to hear all the fun details of your trip...and some people (cough me cough) want to hear all about the food, lol ;-)

Wasalaam Habeebti!

Sonya said...

Have a truly wonderful time out there and keep us updated with your news and revelations sis.
May your trip be a safe one and as much stress free as is possible Insha'allah :)

Umm Ibrahim said...

YM: Thanks sis. :) Alhamdu Lillah the journey was a safe one.

Ammena: Am having trouble uploading pics! Have a wonderful wireless dongle thingy but it's not particularly fast.

Rainbow: Very disappointing to miss you and the others who are visiting UK at the moment. :( Next year maybe... :)

Seekingtaqwa: Ameen sis. :) Yeah the photos... :/

'Jason': thanks for the spam :/

Jayne: Thanks. :) I'm sure it'll be memorable; there was already the wedding experience! LOL

Ines: Shame you're not in dz this year. :)

Maryam: :) :) :)

utp: Yup, I like Algeria because it is not touristy like the other countries of the region.

~Ummi: I think Riyadh is the biggest city in KSA; probably nothing compared to the cities of the US but huge for a gal like me who lived in villages or small towns! LOL. I think the Imam uni is the King Sa'ud uni... just around the corner from us.

UmmH: Insha'Allah you are having a good summer break too in the sunny UK!

niqabimommy: thanks for the invite... so any posts yet?! Need to go check it out! :D

Ahmed abdul azeem: jazaallahu khair ukhi. :)

muslimwife: You and me and food huh?! LOL. Well yesterday, it was sheeps stomach! Want the recipe?? Hee hee!

Sonya: thanks. :) Hope you are starting to feel better now. xxx