Thursday, July 31, 2008

Eating fruits in season

One of the great things about Algeria is the fruit & veg and the fact that everything is eaten only when in season. There are no big supermarkets bringing in lorryloads of produce imported from faraway countries. No pale, half ripe tomatoes or hard tasteless peaches; everything is eaten in season and bursting with juiciness and flavour.

We went to the market this week and were tempted by so many of the wonderful fruits available at this time of year. There are all varieties of plums including Victoria plums, yellow plums, Greengages; figs, prickly pears, peaches, grapes and pears.

Among the vegetables particularly popular at this time of year are big beefsteak tomatoes, plum tomatoes, green peppers and olives of different varieties. They make simple but delicious salads: Just slice the tomatoes, scatter over a few olives and then a sprinkling of salt. The peppers are chargrilled, peeled and sliced and then eaten simply drizzled with olive oil and scooped up with bread or made into Chakchouka with the addition of chopped grilled tomatoes and crushed garlic.


Adventurous Ammena said...

sounds yummy... may sound weird but i miss uk vegs, they just dont taste the same here :(

Anonymous said...

Yeah I remember the juice fruits in dz.
I'll never forget the taste of the figs, yum! Take care. Ines

Umm Ibrahim said...

They are yummy believe me - had more figs today - so delicious and at 100D/kilo they are a fraction of the price that they are in the UK!